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Classification: CLASSIFIED / PUBLIC
Owner: Arthur Vieira
Users: General public
Version: 0.1 (Created: 04/01/2017)
Last updated by: Arthur Vieira

1- Summary
The Web Application Firewall (WAF) acts as monitoring layer and filtering HTTP, HTTPS and SQL requests. ProApps WAF acts with isolation tests of authentic browsers against scripts, robots and automated routines.

2- Dashboard

The WAF Dashboard brings graphics reports by groupings or full logs of easy view by the user.

The information can be filtered by log files, maximum amount of file type, refresh time and even by an specific file through the search option.

When choosing an amount, it will be counted the top files from number 1 (with 200, 500, 1000 or 2000 lines in log). The refresh time option allows the statistics to be reloaded manually or automatically in specific periods (10, 30, 60, 90 or 300 seconds).

In the search field, it can be found any registry existing inside log files. The accuracy of the search corresponds to the desired word, and ALL the log file will be analysed.

2.1- Graphics

There are six graphics showing top 10 information based on WAF logs parameters, with three in circle shape, and three in bars.

The order of arrows in circle graphics shows the order, in percentage, of the amount of biggest to the shortest parameters listed in the logs.

If the selected option is remote IP, when clicking the section corresponding to the indicated IP in the left bar, more information (whois) will be displayed related to the address, such as host, AS, IP, BGP prefix, CC, registry, allocation date, AS name, country, and others:

The graphics display the following information:

  • Top 10 Overview: user may choose among top 10 IPs, in circle graphic, based on parameter of his choice, which can be remote IP, upstream IP or server;
  • Top 10 status: displays the biggest HTTP occurrences in circle graphic;
  • Top 10 clientes per country;
  • Top 10 bytes per server;
  • Top 10 Upstream IP per time.

2.2- Grouping

Shows the remote IPs count in order chosen by the user, crescent or decrescent. The information shown for each remote IP are: upstream IP and server. Whois data will also be displayed when clicking on any remote IP.

2.3- Full logs

In this interface, there is a grid containing a list of various data from WAF logs, and the user may select the order crescent or decrescent of each one according to a relevance (alphabetical, numerical or data order). Furthermore, it is possible to filter what will be listed by clicking the button in red circle, located in the top bottom corner of the grid:

To hide any parameter, just unmark the unwanted and click the green "start process" button in the "Logs filter" board.

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