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Classification: CLASSIFIED / PUBLIC
Owner: Rafael Vital
Users: General public
Version: 0.1 (Created on 26/04/2017)
Last update by: Rafael Vital

1 - Summary

ProApps Management menu features submenus that will help users manage the application informing the updated version, enable or disable permissions, present change logs, among others that will be described bellow.

2 - Users

In the “Users” page users will be able to register, edit and modify any user information. On the upper part of the page there are four buttons: “Delete”, “Edit”, “New”, “Help”. It is important to mention that every action, except for “Help”, users need to click on the “check” button right next the name of the user. After clicking on the “check” button, the “Delete” button will be used to remove a user, the “Edit” button to modify any information related with the user and the “New” button to create a new user. 

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