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Detailed Memory
Postado por Rafael Vital on 30/Oct 17:24

Detailed Memory

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1 - Summary

Opening ProApps application the first image that will be visible to users is the ProApps Dashboard. This Dashboard contains details of how the hardware is functioning, traffic of packages per second, interface traffic, HD use, RAM memory.

2 - Detailed Memory

On table “Detailed Memory” there are details of how the hardware is using the RAM Memory. The fields of the table will be described bellow.

totalReal: Quantity of RAM Memory of the hardware.

memAll: It represents the quantity of RAM that can be used by the system. There is a difference between the Total RAM memory and the RAM memory available for using. This difference occurs due to the fact that the hardware may use some of the RAM, therefore, the RAM will not be fully available to operating system.

memCached: Cached memory.

memBuffer: Buffer memory.

memFree: Quantity of RAM free for using

availReal: Real quantity of RAM free for using.

usedReal: Quantity of RAM memory used by userland and operating system.

It is important to outline that the memory management of FreeBSD operating system is different from others operating systems such as Linux, for instance. In order to have a better perfomance, the RAM memory algorithm management allocates a bigger quantity of RAM, although it seems that the use of RAM is high it does not mean that the memory is being used. The comparison that needs to be made is how much the hardware is using the swap memory, if the hardware uses the swap memory constantly then it is interesting to add more memory to the hardware.

totalSwap: Swap memory available for using. The operating system uses part of the HD as RAM memory to avoid memory missing that would let for instance a computer freeze.

usedSwap: Swap used.

availSwap: Quantity of swap available at the moment.

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