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Classification: Classified / Public
Owner: Rafael Vital
Users: General public
Version: 0.1 (Created on 09/10/2017)
Last update by: Rafael Vital

1 - Summary

ProApps Web Firewall Application (WAF) acts as a layer of filtering HTTP, HTTP and SQL requirements, besides, protecting web applications from attacks and invasions, tests browsers in order to guarantee sessions authenticity protecting against scripts, robots and automatic routines. These functions will be described in details bellow and to make it more simple to understand the image will present all submenus contained in WAF module.

2 - Reports

In this submenu will be generated alert reports, source reports and uncommon destinations reports. The image bellow presents show the initial page and right after it fields are explained.

Log files: In this field users will choose a log file generated by the system, and define a period of time, for instance: default - report informations of the day, weekly - reports from a week before, and Monthly - reports from a month before, last option presents logs generated by the system without filters.     

Top Registers: In this field users will define how many registers will be displayed on the table.

See report: After defining fields above this bottom will be responsible for filtering informations.

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